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About KOUM Projects

KOUM Projects was established in 2021 by Selwin Swartz, a local businessman and his daughters Jami and Ashleigh Swartz. Selwin volunteers his time and business knowledge to the successful operation of this non-profit, public benefit organization (Section 18A). The organization is situated close to the businesses and community of the South Durban basin and the vision is to Serve the Nation in a focused and impactful way – through ensuring access to skills development, training, and empowerment of those that need it the most but can least afford it.

Board of Directors

Selwin Swartz


The visionary behind the Fabricon Group of companies and Chairman of Koum Projects. Selwin is passionate about making a difference in South Africa and Africa and believes that this can be achieved through skills development and training. He is an integral part of the force driving Koum Projects.

Shelton George


Shelton has worked in the private, public and non-governmental sector – focusing mainly on business and project management, performance and stakeholder relations. He is passionate about purpose driven projects that deliver results.