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Being of Service to the Nation

Koum started with the simple desire to make a difference.

We see the strife that results from education shortcomings, unemployment, and poverty. We decided to act. – Evidence shows that skills development can change the lives of individuals, families, and communities. – Our ground zero is the South Durban Basin and many other communities within which we work. Unemployment, school drop-out rates, poverty and crime are rife.

KOUM PROJECTS is a community focussed Education and Skills Development organisation with the following key objectives:

  • Training and skills development.
  • Advance skills development in the field of engineering.
  • Assist school leavers to complete their matric.
  • Provide bursaries for post school learning opportunities.
  • Provide rehabilitation and reintegration opportunities for those who need and are committed to overcoming such challenges.
  • Build local, national, and international partnerships to further skills development.
  • Build partnerships with local businesses and international companies and funders to further skills development.

Our programs are based on our belief that:

Dreams are achievable

Hope in the future needs to be restored

Education and skills development can change your life

Communities and societies are stronger working together

Meet the Team behind KOUM Projects